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Well, hello!

Wondering who the hell we are and what we do? You're in the right place.

Quiet Red Media is a creative brand, focusing on... well, creating. We write books and comics. We also keep a blog on our website, here, where we write about comic books, tech, whimsical ramblings and other random brain vomit. You can also check out our digital comics, here.

Our writing is largely focused on supernatural themes and horror. The stories are told within the same "universe," our goal being to build an engaging and fantastical world with memorable characters and great stories.

As we build the brand we may take on other worlds and genres and even dip our toes into different types of media, like video games. That all depends on our fantastic community and how it grows. We grow with you!

So, if you're into cool indie comics, books, art, writing and other media, then we've got something for ya. 

If you're looking for someone to shave your dog, you made a wrong turn somewhere. You wouldn't believe how often we get requests for that...

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