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This series is a world of magic and the supernatural, where the fantastical is the norm. If you're a fan of lovingly crafted indie books, then this series is for you!

Black Rose Omen Comic Book Cover from Quiet Red Media
Black Rose Omen: The Bondage

Delve into a dark tale of violence and pain. This man, far removed from such a brand, hungers for unimpeded freedom, but what he finds may not be what he seeks.

Enjoy this one-shot origin story of The Ghast, from the world of Black Rose Omen.

*Available in both print and digital versions.

Black Rose Omen: Dark Ballads Vol 1, horror anthology
Black Rose Omen: Dark Ballads Vol One

The first volume of collected dark short stories from seven talented writers. Immerse yourself in this collection of dark tales from scribes who wish nothing more than for you to be terrified. 


Beware and keep your eyes peeled for this horror delight, coming soon from Quiet Red Media!



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