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Per FTC regulations, it's your right to be informed of affiliate compensation. Plus, we like you.

Some of the posts and articles on this site may contain affiliate links. These are outbound links that earn the affiliate (us) a commission whenever someone takes action, using the link. This is how we fund this little operation and also avoid burning your eyes with ads all over the place.

In the effort of transparency, we'd like you to be aware of affiliate links and their nature. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We do our very best not to allow the monetary aspect of affiliate links to sway our opinions or recommendations. This is why we only choose products that we truly find to be worth promoting. 

We also make you aware by putting a disclaimer in any post with affiliate links in them.

So, we may be making money when you use an affiliate link to make a purchase (and you're awesome, by the way!), but we will not hawk unworthy products your way. We may hawk spitballs your way, though, so be wary of that...

You can reach out to us via the contact page with any questions.
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