Black Rose Omen: The Meaning of Fear


This series is a world of magic and the supernatural, where the fantastical is the norm. Read below for some info on our first story in the world of Black Rose Omen. 

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Black Rose Omen: The Meaning of Fear

The first graphic novel in the Black Rose Omen world!

When a dark creature—the primordial embodiment of earthly fear—suddenly becomes rabid, the creature begins devouring innocent children at an exponential rate. Its unstoppable hunger quickly becomes an apocalyptic threat. Imminent doom for the Earth is heralded by the growth of rare supernatural black roses—a Black Rose Omen.


Taking heed of this Omen, the order of earthly protectors known as Oculi Noctis are thrown into the fray to combat the ancient creature and prevent the eradication of humankind... but how do you stop a force of nature? 

Can our heroes save the realm from this creature? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Check out some character dossiers below!