Check back here for news on all things us! Also, some things not us. Let's just say things.

First Step


Welp, the first step is taken. The first completed project is under my belt, short as it may be. I got some good and some bad feedback on this one. That's okay. I'll use all of it to improve.

The next one will be longer and much more of a story. Still small enough to do out of pocket. Probably 12-15 pages or so. It's already underway, so hopefully I'll have that one out soon enough. 

Thanks to anyone who checks out my stuff. If you haven't seen it, you can read The Rotten Man, here.

The Plan


I've been superbly slow-moving with things. Very slow... but I've got a plan to get the ball rolling. I plan on doing as many short comics as I can, out of pocket. My plan is to release them for free, here, on the website. I may eventually collect them in print, but they'll be free web comics for the time being. I need to show everyone that I can put together a quality team, a good product, that I can write, and deliver something worthwhile. I want folks to see that this world is worth paying attention to before I ask them to back a graphic novel. So, come along for the ride and give me a chance. Black Rose Omen will be worth it.


Onward and Upward


Things are moving along a bit faster, at the moment. We've got some really cool stuff to show off very soon. 

We've got a new short comic we're working on and a bunch of new art to show off as well.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

New New News


So, I guess it's time I update this news section. I'm starting over from scratch with a new page element. It's okay, you're not missing anything. The old news section was kinda boring.

Anyway... I'll try to keep this one more up-to-date.