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Black Rose Omen


The first book in the soon to come series, Black Rose Omen, from Quiet Red Media. Be taken in by the worlds we create and rejoice in the delights of comic book goodness!

In an Earth permeated with the primordial energy known as magic, more than a few things go bump in the night. When a new threat of apocalyptic power emerges will our heroes be able to stop it?

We're working on bringing the series to life but it's not here yet. In the mean time, you can check out our web comics, blog and other content. Click here to find out more about Black Rose Omen.


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It's finally upon us. Quiet Red Media has produced the last piece of media that ever needs to happen. We can all go home now.

Said no one ever


I bought a book from Quiet Red Media and gifted it to my 97 year old blind neighbor. He can't stop gushing about it.

Also no one ever... you get the point

Quiet Red Media callout quotes