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Ramblings and Writings #1

A State of Exposure


This is just a weird little thing that popped into my head. I dunno... don't ask me.


A State of Exposure

I have exposed my consciousness to an unimaginable world. I stumble through a void of plummeting darkness and searing light—a world of celestial coalescence, not meant to be perceived. I cannot shift my eyesight… I simply see… everything… and I’m blinded by its majesty.

The sounds are indiscernible, yet skull-shattering. My vessel cannot withstand this realm… this existence; but I cannot leave.

Are my eyes open? Am I awake? I can feel nothing. I am numb. But I am overwhelmed with violent sensation so devastating that if feels as if I am mere moments away from evisceration, teetering on sanity. My lungs shall surely burst. My mind shall surely crumble. And I feel divine.

As I stare at an overbearing moon, my eyes burst into a kaleidoscope of luminescent pieces, and I realize that I do not exist. I am a dream.


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