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You're Pissing Me Off #2

YPMO #2: The Smudge



You know when you’ve been up late, working on a masterful piece of art for the last fourteen hours, chewed through your last beef jerky, drank 750 bottles of water, kicked your girlfriend out because she was distracting you, and thrown sixteen firecrackers into your toilet for “inspiration”? That might just be me… Either way, if you’ve ever inked something then you’ve probably experienced, “the smudge”. If you’re unfamiliar, just wipe your finger across a freshly written pen line and see for yourself.

Now, imagine that happened at the final stages of your masterpiece of artistic zeal. If that’s hard for you to imagine, I’ve got a treat for you! This little illustration should get it across. Enjoy.

YPMO #2 - The Smudge
"The Smudge"


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